Most Common Orthopedic Surgery: What You Need to Know

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Most Common Orthopedic Surgery: What You Need to Know

Post by siorasurgicals » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:37 am

We all are familiar with orthopedic implants & instruments and also we know that dealing with this orthopedic or any kind of medical treatment is not so easy to work for us. We know the value of orthopedic implants when we come across. An orthopedic surgical instrument plays an important role and it helps to make our life so easier just by using.

Here is the blow some common orthopedic surgery that you must know..

1. Knee Replacement Surgery

As the word knee, we can understand what all about it. but here I want to say that knee replacement surgery is the process that are followed depending on the situation what type of injury you have. In some cases, you may need either a part of the knee or the whole knee replacement surgery may be required. You should also know that when any person goes underline then a total knee replacement is always required but most of the situation the damaged portion of the knee is mainly focused.

2. Shoulder Replacement Surgery

It really so common for us and we are so much familiar with shoulder replacement surgery. In the case of the shoulder replacement surgery, we know that most of the surgeon decides to remove the top area or the top portion of the humerus and they try replacing it using the orthopedic metal ball. It is not exactly a bad idea because the metal ball is placed into the socket and the plastic surgical prosthesis is also placed on the humerus that is hold using the locking bone screws and other instruments.

3. Hip Replacement Surgery

The term hip replacement surgery is not uncommon for us. As we know that the femur is mainly connected to the hip portion of the bones also known as pelvis with the help of ball and the common socket joint. The portion of the hip or femur is called the femoral head because when a person's hips are good and healthy then it works smoothly. There are mainly two types of orthopedic hip replace surgery that is used by almost every surgeon.

4. Ankle Repair

We know that ankle repair surgery is necessary if the joint is not stable after your bone fracture and the bone is replaced with the help of trauma implants and after the surgery, it is highly recommended to the patient to use the boot for several weeks. Because once the ankle have healed then the patient is given the permission.
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