ew condition and include a return memo

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ew condition and include a return memo

Post by gsnoopy520 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:21 am

Deciding to move forward on a design and marketing project can be a big deal Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Jersey , but it doesn't have to be. Beyond the emotional benefits of feeling more confident when promoting your business and looking more professional in front of prospects, brand recognition and a myriad of other benefits, let's just take a look at the numbers.

For all of you number crunching, "Just bottom line it" business people out there, this bulletin will take a logical Ryan McDonagh Rangers Jersey , methodical approach in helping you to decide whether to "Not go" or "go" on your next design project.

Step 1: Investments, Not Expenses
Smart business owners view design and marketing as opportunities to grow their business rather than drains that they just pour money down. Expenses, by nature are costs that you no longer expect to receive any benefit from. You should expect, not hope that your design and marketing project will yield a personal and a financial benefit to your company.

Quick Note: Now if you've had design and marketing projects created before and felt they weren't worth the cost, I'd offer that the poor investment wasn't in WHAT you did Pavel Buchnevich Youth Jersey , rather WHO you invested in. Designers that aren't experts in marketing, advertising and learning about your business are typically bad investments. To get the most out of your time and investment, you want to only work with business savvy designers who understand your business, goals, clients and competition.

Let's assume you're working with a terrific designer Brady Skjei Youth Jersey , and you're interested in having a tri-fold brochure designed. Ask yourself, "What do I need to make back on this investment to break-even on my investment?"

Step 2: Let's look at this example:
You will have design and printing costs = $1000

You will receive 800 units of marketing collateral at your disposal

From that marketing collateral you would expect at least 25 people to take action and buy from me (that's just over 3%). As a business owner, you have to ask yourself, "How likely is it for me to achieve just a 3% response on my project?" "Am I likely to get just 3%?" If the answer is yes, let's move on. If the answer is no Rick Nash Youth Jersey , don't do the project!

Let's say your average sale is going to be $150.

Now do a few quick math calculations: Your breakeven point will be 7 people. ($1000 25 people)

Your Estimated Gross Revenue = Minimum # of people you expect to buy (just 3%) X Amount of average Sale

25 people X $150 average sale = $3750 Estimated gross revenue

Net Revenue is Gross - Expenses = $3750 - $1000 = $2750 Net Revenue (this is how much you made)

Your ROI, Return on Your Investment = 275%

You increased your money by 275%; was this a good project to invest in, you bet!

Step 3: The Odds and Ends You Want to Get Clear On
Beyond the ROI example, there are a few other questions you want to run through in deciding to "Go" or "Not go" on a project. These are quick, terrific tools that will help you be more decisive and more confident in those decisions.

If I do this design project David Desharnais Youth Jersey , what's the likelihood I will be able to attract more customers? What will these customers mean in terms of dollars and cents?

What will happen if I don't do anything? Will I expect sales to go up or down if I don't do anything?

What might it cost me in sales if I don't do anything? Am I happy with the rate this company is growing? Do I need to take steps in order to make it grow? What do I plan to do that's going to make something happen?

Do I feel like I am losing out in sales and market share because I am getting lost in a crowd of competitors?

If I had a strong brand and professional marketing collateral, would that allow me to not compete so fiercely on price? Would that allow me to actually charge what my products and services are worth?

Granted, I've oversimplified the decision here in the interest of time, but the decision to "go" or "not go" isn't nearly as difficult as business people make it. What's the likelihood that you'll make back your investment? And what will happen to your company if you decide to do nothing? If you decide to ignore all of the intangible benefits from your project and just look at the ROI, you'll be able to make quicker and more decisive decisions about your projects in the future. Let me know if this has been helpful Michael Grabner Youth Jersey , email me and let me know what you think.

>Is It Legal To Purchase Exotic Leather Products

Posted by jranter02 on December 14th, 2017

All skins used to manufacture our products are legally obtained in full compliance with CITES regulations.

Also, most of skins coming from farmed animals to preserve wild life.

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulations, allow people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive.


Credit cards, Paypal Kevin Shattenkirk Youth Jersey , Westernunion, Moneygram and bank payments acceptable:


If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can exchange it within 7 days of order is received. Products are returnable at customer's expense. Customer is paying actual shipping cost for replacement items.

For bespoken products are not returnable or exchangeable.

All returns should be neatly boxed, in new condition and include a return memo indicating date or purchase, order number and reason for return.

In case if damaged merchandise is received we will ship replacement item at our cost.

Contact Jranter@jranter and request a Return Authorization form via E-mail. Complete the form and return the form and the unique product item to the return address on the form. Return shipping is your responsibility.

Exchanges, swaps Chris Kreider Youth Jersey , or returns for credit will not be handled unless we receive the request for a Return Authorization form within 15 days after you receive the merchandise.


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