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Project Reality Server Rules

Post by Zero Hoots » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:19 pm

  1. The Golden Rule
    • Don't be a dick.
  2. General Rules
    • All players must have a microphone.
    • Do not rush the enemy's first capturable flag for the first 10 minutes unless it is capturable for your team.
    • Keep firing in mainbases to a minimum and always be aware of friendlies.
    • Do not lock non-asset squads with less than 6 people.
    • Do not fire in to or out of mainbases.
    • Players must join squads and employ some level of teamwork.
  3. Assets
    • The following squads claim the assigned assets, unless they are already in use before squad creation.
      • TANK
        • Tanks and ATGM vehicles.
      • APC
        • APCs and IFVs that require two crewmen.
      • CAS
        • Planes, attack helicopters and AAVs.
      • TRANS
        • Transport helicopters.
      • MORTARS
        • Mortar emplacements.
    • Exact squad names can vary from this list but their intended claim should be clear.
    • Claimable assets are not allowed to be used before there are 40 players on the server. This also extends to scout vehicles, SPGs, suicide vehicles, and APCs that only require one crewman.
    • Any asset not covered under one of the above categories is not claimable by squad name. This explicitly covers all scout vehicles (BRDM, Fennek, VN-3), SPG/Rocket Technicals and APCs that only require one crewman.
    • Any asset not claimed by squad name is claimed on a first-come basis, whoever gets in the vehicle first claims it until they abandon it with no intent to reclaim.
    • Do not destroy caches until there are 40 players on the server.
    • Do not fly over or near to the enemy mainbase, at any altitude, unless actively engaged in a dogfight.
    • Do not intentionally fly in to enemy vehicles with air assets.
    • Do not solo vehicles that require two crewmen or pilots for effective usage.
    • Do not create a duplicate asset squad.
    • Do not use air assets without proper ability to use them. Practice offline first.